Understanding impressions

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An impression is counted every time your podcast is shown on Spotify to a listener. Impression analytics are a way to understand how and when your show gets shown to potential listeners on Spotify. 

Impressions can be viewed at a show-level and episode-level. Underlying data can take up to 48 hours to refresh and only appears for the last 30 days.

Note: The impressions that appear in Spotify for Podcasters come only from Spotify. 

Where impressions come from

Source within Spotify Examples
Home Recommendations, recently played shows, and podcast previews
Library Saved shows or episodes and user created playlists
Search Listener search queries, top podcast charts, and our editorial recommendations 

Interpreting impressions data

Impressions will usually rise and fall with episode release schedules. Your show’s impressions may be high compared to its plays. This might mean the podcast is being shown to listeners on Spotify, but they aren’t clicking through to listen to it. 

Try viewing your impressions over time, using charts within Spotify for Podcasters to identify any trends in performance. It may be best to wait a week after an episode’s publish date to understand the total amount of impressions it gathered.

Take a look at the impressions breakdown by source to understand exactly where on Spotify your show appears the most. Consistently checking this graph and seeing how it changes from episode to episode can be insightful. For example, you might discover that your percentage of impressions via Search was higher for a recent episode. That could mean it’s a popular search topic on Spotify and you can tailor your future episode topics to account for this.


How are Impressions calculated?
Impressions are captured the moment that a listener is shown your podcast on the Spotify app. They can be triggered for your show as a whole, as well as a specific episode. Data can take up to 48 hours to refresh in Spotify for Podcasters. 

Why can’t I see impressions data?
In order to get impression data in Spotify for Podcasters, you’ll need to make sure you’re distributed to Spotify.
Note: impressions analytics are gradually rolling out to all Spotify for Podcasters creators.

My podcast has a lot of impressions, but not many plays. Why is that?
Your podcast may be getting shown to potential listeners, but they may not choose to listen to it. Make sure that your podcast title, description, cover art, and episode information are easily understandable. 

Are these impression stats the same or different from ad impressions?
Impression stats in Spotify for Podcasters are not the same as ad impressions. These stats report on impressions of your content, such as your show or an episode, whereas ad impressions are specific to paid campaigns. 

  • If you host with Spotify for Podcasters and use Host-read Ads or Automated Ads, find the Monetization tab within Analytics to view ad impression metrics. 
  • If you run promotional ads on Spotify Ad Studio, your ad campaign impressions on Spotify will be on your Spotify Ad Studio dashboard. 
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