Podcast Previews

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Podcast Previews are short visual clips of an episode that play to listeners as they scroll through the Podcasts & Shows feed in the Spotify mobile app. Podcast Previews are designed to draw Spotify listeners into hearing more of your podcast. 

If you’ve added video or a transcript to your episodes, these show as part of your previews, otherwise a waveform is displayed.

Controlling your episode previews

You can choose how your Podcast Previews are generated:

  • Intro: A clip is generated from the beginning of your episodes. Our machine learning tool skips any intro music, recaps, and ads when creating the preview.
  • Smart: Our machine learning tool picks the most engaging section of each episode to use for the preview. If the section isn’t suitable, we use the Intro option for that episode instead.

If you don’t want Podcast Previews to be generated for your episodes, you can turn them off.

Podcasts hosted with Spotify

On web:

  1. Go to Settings and select Update settings.
  2. Scroll down to Only on Spotify and head to Episode previews.
  3. Turn the Create episode previews toggle on to select Intro or Smart. Or toggle it off to opt out of Podcast Previews.
  4. Click Save at the top of the page.

Podcasts hosted elsewhere

On web:

  1. Go to your Podcast page and click the Details tab.
  2. Under Podcast Settings head to Episode previews and click Update.
  3. Turn the Create episode previews toggle either on to select Intro or Smart. Or toggle it off to opt out of Podcast Previews.
  4. Select Intro or Smart.
  5. Click Save.


How does the Smart option pick the section to use as my Podcast Preview?

Our Smart machine learning tool filters out sections that contain music, background noise, or ads. It also looks for segments that contain positive sentiment such as laughing or excitement, and higher concentrations of similar topics to determine the most engaging section to draw Spotify listeners to your podcast!

Can I turn off previews on some of my episodes and keep it on for others?

Whilst we develop this feature, the Create episodes preview option you choose is applied to your whole catalog and isn’t available per episode at this time.

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