Inserting ad breaks in your episodes


With the waveform ad insertion tool you can decide exactly where you place ad breaks in your episodes.

Note: This feature is only available to some Spotify for Podcasters users right now. We hope to make it available to more creators in future.

There are two ways to find the waveform ad insertion tool on web:

  • On an episode page, scroll down to Episode segments and click Edit ads.
  • On the Episode options page, scroll down to Ad insertion and click Insert ads.

And on the mobile app:

  • Go to Your Podcast, select the episode you want to edit, and tap Edit ad locations.
  • From your episode builder, tap Edit ad locations.

Using the waveform ad insertion tool

  • Click or tap on the waveform to place an ad break
  • At each ad break, set the ad type and the number of ads that should play consecutively
  • Click or tap X to delete an ad break
  • Make sure to hit Done or Save to save your ad breaks.

Note: The number of ads you choose isn't guaranteed to play in each ad segment.

Ad types

  • Pre-roll ads play at the starts of your episode.
  • Mid-roll ads play in the middle of your episode.
  • Post-roll ads play at the end of your episode.
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