Monetizing with Music + Talk


You can monetize your Music + Talk episodes, but some additional rules apply:

  • Ads can’t be placed within 60 seconds of a song
  • Ads must have at least 10 minutes of non-music content between them and there must be at least 10 minutes of ad-free talk
  • Pre-recorded or baked-in ads must be identified as an ad segment in your episodes that include songs

You can see if your ad segments don't meet these requirements when adding or rearranging them. If  you publish a Music + Talk episode with an ad segment that doesn't adhere to these rules, the segment won't be included in your episode on Spotify.

Adding ad segments to your Music + Talk episodes

First, begin building your Music + Talk episode. Make sure you've added talk segments to your episode.

If your episode is eligible, you'll soon see the option to Add an ad segment in your episode builder. If you haven't activated Ambassador ads yet, click Activate first.

Note: You won't see the option to add an ad segment if your podcast isn't eligible for Ambassador ads.

Ad segments have a dollar symbol next to them in the episode builder. You can move the ad segment to a different position in your episode, but make sure to place it according to the guidelines above.

Marking segments as pre-recorded ads

If you upload pre-recorded ads to Spotify for Podcasters, you need to identify these segments as ads in your Music + Talk episodes.

Once the pre-recorded ad segment is in your episode builder, hit the 3 dots next to the segment name and select Mark segment as ad. You can also mark this segment as an ad in all your episodes to save time.

Already running Listener Support?

You can’t use Music + Talk to add copyrighted songs to your episodes if you've activated Listener Support for your podcast. For legal reasons, monetization features can only be used by podcasts that don’t feature third-party music.

To create and monetize Music + Talk episodes, deactivate your Listener Support.

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