Ad-free subscriptions

If you already monetize with Ambassador Ads or Automated Ads, you can earn even more money by offering ad-free subscriptions to your most loyal fans at a monthly price point of your choice.

Fans who pay for an ad-free subscription hear all your episodes without any Spotify for Podcasters-inserted ads - including episodes from your back catalog.

You can also publish subscription-only bonus episodes for your paying subscribers.

Note: Subscribers can only access your ad-free episodes on Spotify.

Activating ad-free subscriptions

  1. Go to your Money page and click Learn more in the gray banner beneath the Host-read ads or Automated Ads section.
  2. In the modal window that appears, confirm you don’t include pre-recorded or “baked-in” ads in your episodes and click Set up Subscription.
    Note: We can't remove pre-recorded ads from your episodes.
  3. Select your monthly price.
  4. Finish set up and add a subscribe link to your podcast description.

Note: Ad-free subscriptions are available to US-based creators who currently earn with Ambassador Ads or Automated Ads but don't have Podcast Subscriptions or Listener Support enabled.

Your ad-free subscription is automatically applied to all your eligible episodes. It's not currently possible to exclude individual episodes from your subscription.


What’s the difference between ad-free subscriptions and Podcast Subscriptions?

Ad-free subscriptions are a type of podcast subscription which enable creators using Spotify for Podcasters' ads products to offer an uninterrupted version of their show to paying fans on Spotify.

How can I recognize ad-free episodes in the Spotify app?

Ad-free episodes contain the word [Uninterrupted] before their title. Episodes are marked with a lock icon in place of the play button. When a fan hits the lock icon, they're directed to a payment page to subscribe.

Can subscribers access my ad-free episodes on other listening platforms?

Ad-free episodes can only be accessed on Spotify right now. We're working on expanding to allow subscribers to listen to uninterrupted content on other platforms.

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