Unlinking a Spotify account from Spotify for Podcasters

Accounts created with Spotify for Podcasters

If you created your account with Spotify for Podcasters, you can link it to your Spotify account from your Podcast settings.

To unlink your accounts on Spotify for Podcasters web:

  1. Go to your Podcast settings.
  2. Scroll down to Connections.
  3. Click Change then Unlink account.
  4. Look for Spotify for Podcasters on your Manage Apps page and click Remove Access.

Note: This change can take some time to go through. Clear your browser cache if you aren’t seeing an update.

Spotify Payouts

Spotify Payouts requires a Spotify account.

If you’ve activated Spotify Payouts and then unlink your accounts, your Automated Ads will be disabled.

To cash out your remaining earnings, your balance must be $10 or more. After unlinking your Spotify account, you can link a different Spotify account and set up Spotify Payouts again.

Accounts created with Spotify

If you log into Spotify for Podcasters using your Spotify credentials, you only have one account.

If you claim or upload your podcast with the wrong Spotify account and want to change which account has access to Spotify for Podcasters, the easiest thing to do is log into the correct Spotify account, then claim access again.

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