Your audio library


If you host your podcast with Spotify, your audio library is where you’ll find any audio you've ever created or imported into your Spotify for Podcasters account.

To get to your library:

  • On web, click New Episode, then Create an episode and Library.
  • On the mobile app, tap the + icon then Library.

Your audio library is a great place to look for intros, outros, and segments you want to reuse, making it quicker and simpler to create new episodes.

Tip: Give your audio segments memorable titles so you can easily find them later. Select the pencil icon (on web) or the 3 dots then Rename to change a segment’s title.

Use the Record tab to record a new audio segment, or select Browse (on web) or Import (on the mobile app) to upload files from your device. Make sure to save your audio when uploading or recording to add it to your library.

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