Trouble switching your podcast’s hosting to Spotify for Podcasters

Missing episodes

If you're missing episodes after importing your podcast to Spotify for Podcasters, check if the missing episodes appear in your old RSS feed.

Some hosting platforms limit how many episodes you can include in your feed. Check your account settings to see if you can increase this number, or contact your old host and ask about including more episodes in your feed.

After making a change, you may need to refresh your website or feed cache to display the extra episodes.

Inaccessible feed

If your RSS feed URL doesn't load or leads to a 404 error, we won't be able to import your episodes to Spotify for Podcasters.

Confirm you have the correct URL. Make sure you’re using your podcast's RSS feed rather than the link to its public profile page.

Validation errors

If there's something in your RSS feed that shouldn't be there, or if your feed is incorrectly formatted, you may see a validation error.

Use a tool like Cast Feed Validator or Podcast Validator to check for errors in your feed, and follow the advice shown in the validation tool to fix them.

If you’re still seeing issues with your RSS feed, contact your original hosting platform for further support.

301 redirects

If your old host doesn’t support 301 feed redirects, we can help you complete your switch to Spotify for Podcasters.

First, make sure you’ve completed all these steps:

  1. Import your episodes to Spotify for Podcasters.
  2. Contact your old host to double check they don’t offer 301 redirects.
  3. Add links to your podcast's listing on listening platforms on your Podcast Availability settings.
  4. Contact each platform that your podcast is on and ask them to update your RSS feed to your new Spotify for Podcasters one.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, use the Message us button to let us know. We’ll then break the connection with your old host.

After we break the connection, you can close your account with your old host.

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