Uploading audio files


If you have pre-existing audio (like an edited podcast, interview, or voice memo), you can upload your audio files to your Spotify for Podcasters account to create new episodes of your podcast. You can also check out how to upload video episodes if you have or want to create a video podcast.

Note: It's against our Terms of Service to upload audio that belongs to someone else.

How to upload audio files

On web:

  1. Click New Episode on the top-right section of the navigation bar.
  2. Choose an audio file to upload. You can click to browse your computer, or simply drag a file onto the page to start your upload. 
    1. Spotify for Podcasters can accept a variety of formats. See more under Supported file types.
  3. While your upload continues, you can fill in details for your episode like a title, description, publishing date, and more.
  4. On the next screen, you can optionally add interactive elements for your audience on Spotify. We currently offer Q&A and Polls.
  5. Next, if you’re eligible and signed up for monetization features, you’ll be able to manage your ad breaks and/or set your episode to be subscriber-only.
  6. Finally, review your episode. You can publish right away, or schedule it for the future if you choose a time in the future in step 3.

If at any point you want to save your work and return later, just click the X in the top-right corner.

On mobile:

  1. Go to Tools and tap the + button.
  2. Go to the Library.
  3. Tap Import.
  4. Select the audio file from your device. Your file will begin uploading, and you can choose to add other files to your episode or to Publish.

You can also share audio files to Spotify for Podcasters from any app on your device. Steps can vary for each app.

Recording an episode

If you haven’t recorded your audio yet, you can use Spotify for Podcasters’ own recording and editing tools.

Find out how to record audio in Spotify for Podcasters.

On web:

  1. Click New Episode on the top-right section of the navigation bar.
  2. Click Record or edit under the Upload step. This will take you to Spotify for Podcasters’ recording and editing tools.

On mobile:

  1. Go to Tools and tap the + button.
  2. Tap Record.

Supported file types

We support the following file types: MP3, M4A, and WAV. 

We also support video files. Learn more about uploading video episodes.

Spotify for Podcasters doesn’t have a file size limit, but note that larger files will take time to process and can have a higher chance of failing if your internet connection is interrupted. 

If you’re uploading MP3 files, we recommend keeping embedded artwork, ID3v2 tags, and other metadata as small as possible.

Issues with uploading audio

If you're getting an error during the upload process, there could be a few things at play.

Try checking these troubleshooting steps:

If you’re still encountering issues, contact us.

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