Uploading video episodes


  1. Log into Spotify for Podcasters on web.
    Note: It's not possible to upload video episodes on the mobile app.
  2. Click New Episode then Quick upload.
  3. Select a file from your device.
  4. We’ll upload then process your video. This can take some time, depending on the size of the file.
  5. Add details like a title and description to your episode.
  6. Once your video processing is complete, you can choose to publish your new episode right away, save it as a draft, or schedule a future publishing date. You can also preview your video episode.
  7. Once you do publish, your episode will begin transcoding on Spotify. You’ll receive a notification in Spotify for Podcasters once the process has started, and then another notification once your episode is fully transcoded.

Important info about video episodes

  • Video episodes are only available on Spotify. On other platforms, your episode will be audio-only.

  • Video podcasts are available in over 180 markets through Spotify for Podcasters. Log in or create an account to see if you have access.

  • You can't mix and match video and audio segments in the same episode.

  • We support .MOV and .MP4 files and recommend a 16x9 aspect ratio. See our full recommended video specs here

  • To monetize your video episodes, check out Podcast subscriptions.

  • You can replace your existing audio-only episodes with video episodes. Learn more

Creating a video episode on Riverside.fm

Riverside offers the ability to create and edit video podcasts to upload to Spotify for Podcasters and Spotify. Read more here, or watch a tutorial video.

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