Creating a trailer

For: Podcasts hosted with Spotify

Note: Creating and publishing a trailer is currently only available on the Spotify for Podcasters mobile app. 

  1. Tap Your Podcast at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Tap Make a trailer.
  3. Tap the red Record button to begin recording your 60 second trailer. You can also hold your phone up to your ear and recording will begin automatically.
    Tip:If you need a little inspiration, tap Hear an example at the top of your screen to get a sense of what your trailer could sound like.
  4. Select background music for your trailer, or publish it without music, and hit Save.
  5. Publish your trailer right away or save it to come back to later. If you publish your trailer now, you’ll need to choose where your trailer will appear in your feed.

If you’ve already recorded your trailer outside of the Spotify for Podcasters app, tap Import at step 3 to upload your audio to Spotify for Podcasters.

Tips for recording a great trailer

Trailers are ideal for increasing the discoverability of your podcast and gaining new listeners by giving them a preview of what your show is all about.

Not sure what to include in your podcast trailer?

  • Introduce yourself. Your trailer is a chance to tell your story and attract new listeners by sharing your passion and personality.
  • Introduce your show. Give your listeners an overview of your podcast so they know what to expect from your full-length episodes.
  • Sell your strengths. Entice new listeners and encourage them to commit to a longer episode by describing what makes your podcast special.
  • Keep your trailer under one minute. Try to capture the message of your show as concisely as possible.
  • Include a call-to-action. Encourage people to listen to your show, follow you on Spotify, leave a 5 star review, or subscribe to your show.

Sharing your trailer

You can find your trailer above your episodes list in the Spotify for Podcaster mobile app.

Tap Share link to share your trailer through social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Once you publish your trailer, we also create a transcribed video and send it to your email so you can continue spreading the word about your podcast:

  1. From your phone, tap the link provided in the email to be redirected back to your Spotify for Podcasters app.
  2. Tap Play to preview your transcribed video. You can edit the transcription if you like.
  3. Once your video generates, choose the video size.
  4. Tap Finish.

Setting a trailer in Spotify for Podcasters

For: Podcasts hosted somewhere else

We automatically show the first trailer episode listed in your RSS feed. Your podcast trailer appears at the top of the episode list in the mobile Spotify app.

You can add, change, and remove podcast trailers in Spotify for Podcasters:

  1. Click on a podcast.
  2. Head to DETAILS.
  3. Click Select your trailer.
  4. Pick an episode, then click Set Trailer.
    Tip: We show you short episodes that'd be suited to being trailers. To select a longer episode, go to ALL EPISODES.


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